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We’re here to support you on your journey towards enjoying a more plant-based diet. We’ll help you feel more confident in the kitchen, reduce your food waste and thrive from eating more seasonally and sustainably.


Don’t just survive, thrive!

Our Mindful Meal Planning Membership will become your best buddy in the kitchen. With unlimited recipes, meal plans and more, cooking will become a joy rather than a chore!

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  • Access some of the most loved plant-based recipes in our recipe bank (50+ recipes)
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What's included

  • Complete access to all our plant-based recipes (100+ recipes)
  • Unlimited access to our growing bank of meal plans with a new plan added every month (currently 4x meal plans available)
  • Online support & community. We’re on hand 5-days a week to answer your questions or provide recommendations on ingredient swaps and recipe adaptations
  • Access to bonus cookery classes (coming soon)
Easy to follow recipes
Step by step instructions for all recipes with photos of the finished meal.
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Accurate macronutrient nutritional information for all recipes and guideline daily macronutrient breakdown for each meal plan
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Follow along to streamline your time in the kitchen.
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Carefully curated to highlight what can be cooked in advance to help ease the chaos of meal times.
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All recipes & shopping lists can be scaled up for 1 to 4 people at the click of a button

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Don’t have time to cook from scratch?

Our delivered meals allow you to enjoy delicious, nutritionally balanced meals without the hassle of shopping, cooking or even doing the washing up!

Homemade plant-based meals made with love
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, an energy bar and savoury snack every day
All of our pre-prepared meals are flash frozen for freshness
Biodegradable packaging
We’ve worked hard to ensure all of our packaging is as sustainable as possible. From the meal containers to the outer packaging
Delivered to your door
We deliver to EH1-EH40 on Fridays and to the rest of Scotland on Tuesdays

It can feel a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to be more mindful of what you fuel your body with, but you still have lots of questions: How much protein should I be getting? What type of fats should I be eating? Am I eating too many carbs? What foods are in season right now?

My mission is to make it easy to enjoy a healthy sustainable plant-based diet by giving you the confidence that you’re getting all the nutrients you need but also by helping you streamline your time in the kitchen. I’m a huge advocate of batch cooking so you can re-discover the joy of cooking by cooking when you have time instead of when you’re hangry!